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Peter Croll

ICT guidance you can trust

Dr Peter R. Croll, BSc, PhD, CHIA, FACS CP (Cyber Security)

Dr. Peter Croll has 30 years of experience with industrial IT applications. Together with his associates, he will ensure you minimise the many risks faced when adopting new technologies.


We can help your organisation:


  • understand complex IT problems
  • ensure your system are Privacy & Security compliant
  • assist with ground breaking research programs
  • minimise the risks associated with new ventures
  • produce managerial or technical reports
  • deliver pragmatic workshops and presentations to your staff
  • help develop your IT tenders


We look forward to having a no obligation discussion over the many ways forward to ensure dependable solutions to your IT problems.


You are welcome to make contact at any time.

44 consultancies

30 workshops

28 technical reports

24 keynote presentations

15 countries